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T-shirts I've made. Contact me if you're interested.
Mark Ruffalo, Shark Buffalo
These were made originally in a very limited run to commemorate the final show of Philadelphia comedy duo Meg & Rob. After witnessing the unbridled success of this shirt (someone— not me— almost got to have sex in a public restroom for wearing it), I decided to make them available to the general public. People always ask me if Mark Ruffalo has one. He doesn’t. I offered, but he didn’t want it.
Sharks Playing Poker
An illustration of sharks playing poker a la A Friend in Need by C. M. Coolidge. Please don’t call it “Card Sharks.” It isn’t called that. It’s just sharks playing poker. Illustration by Jorge.
Jim Jones - The Last Supper

This is a reproduction of a Jim Jones t-shirt that was designed and sold by Mutilation Graphics in the early 90s. I liked the shirt so much that I wanted to give people an opportunity to own one. I scanned the design and had a batch printed. The original run was hand-numbered in Sharpee (down on the left, where it says “Dead Body No.”).


Fun fact; the original shirt that these were made from had passed through many hands before it came to me. The original owner, legend has it, was Peter Buck. I hope that legend is true.

Gary Heidnik and the United Church of the Ministers of God

Gary Heidnik was a serial rapist, kidnapper, murderer who kept women captive in his basement in North Philadelphia while operating a church of mentally handicapped parishioners out of his home. The Heidnik story was a sensation in Philadelphia in the late 80s, and Heidnik’s practice of keeping the women confined to a pit in his basement became part of the inspiration for Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs. If you didn’t know any of that already, then you probably won’t want this shirt.


The “United Church of the Ministers of God” was the name of Heidnik’s church, which some claim was just a tax shelter for Heidnik’s many lucrative investments.

Larry Mendte is Not a Criminal

In June of 2008, a major scandal erupted in which then-Philadelphia news anchor Larry Mendte was a major player. Almost overnight, Philadelphia (and more importantly, his colleagues in the local media) turned on Larry Mendte, wildly speculating about his guilt and slandering him in ways that were unforgivable.


This shirt was originally made in 2008 as a show of support for Larry Mendte (more here: His case is currently in front United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, so this shirt is no less relevant now than it was three years ago.

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