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A sample of the video things I've done. My favorites.

A commercial for Philly Roller Derby's Camp ECDX.

Photos by Hale Yeah Photography. Music by Ron Swerdon.

The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie - Shoot For The Moon

Written by Matt Schmid and Jacquie Baker. Directed by me.

Secret Pants - Hermit Crab Rave

Came to me in a fever dream. Directed by me and Steve Thorne.

Welcome to Anhedonia

A show I help to write and produce with Monkey Boys Productions, Kevin Kelly and a team of mad geniuses. Go look at it.

Helmets of Righteousness

I play a robot in this show created by Josh Jones.

Secret Pants - The Nuts They Carried

Written, directed and everything by me & Secret Pants. 

Secret Pants - Pabst Blue Velvet

Everything by Secret Pants. Original concept by Samantha Russell.

With some of the best talent in Philadelphia; Grace Gordon, Ginny Graham, Roger Weaver, Simon Joseph.

Secret Pants - The Red Baron's Christmas

Everything by Secret Pants. Starring me and me.

Secret Pants - Juggalo Sunday

Everything by Secret Pants.

Secret Pants - Bush or Batman

This was famous for almost two days. We were on the news.

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever (Official Video)

I had nothing to do with this. It's your reward for getting this far.

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